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Which is better for your dog – Board and train vs. Home training

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Getting your favorite breed of dog for your home is one part of the decision, properly training the same is another. While you plan to train your canine partner, you must have come across options in your mind whether to go for board and train or call a dog trainer home for that. You need to consider factors before jumping into a conclusive decision over your dog’s training though, as both ways have their advantages and disadvantages. 

Training Environment

Keeping your dog in a board-and-train facility for a couple of weeks and getting them back all trained seem convenient to start with. But you must think of the environment they would be taking your dog in. Your dog would not get that natural homely environment as it would be living for most of the time after all, especially for the puppies. Chances are that your dog might not even remember the skills that it hard-learned during training, once it is back in its home environment. For successful and long-term learning of skills by a dog, it needs to be trained under the right environmental conditions. The personality of dogs is unique and so is the environment within your home, which is why your pet canine needs more time to familiarise and feel loved and confident.

Training Cost

Board-and-training charges are generally much higher when compared to home training for your dogs because your home training can be customized and individualized attention of the trainer to your dog speeds up the total training time needed. Any concerning issues with your dog can be specifically addressed during home training, without opting for the full course. For board-and-trained dogs, such issues could show up at a later stage which could lead to long-term behavioral problems like anxiety or aggression in your pet. Even after paying for their entire training at a board-and-train facility, you would not be there to know if your dog is being treated humanely and getting good food and medicines. This might just not sound good enough for you to send your dog away in the name of training.   

Training Customization

Your dog is unique from the rest, so why let it through a generalized training regime. Home training gives you the liberty to customize the training for your dog depending on what you  need your dog to learn. You can make specific requests to the trainer for behavior modification lessons or to teach your dog a new trick you want. For home training of your dog, there are no boundings like the number of lessons or type, your trainer can ensure the job gets done at the end of it. The trainer would dedicatedly train your dog alone during each session, unlike in a board-and-train facility where they need to split training time among all sheltered canines. As the master, you may at least rest assured of the treatment your dog gets from your trainer for lessons at home. This would also better your bond with your dog as training sessions commence in your presence.

Canine Comfort

While deciding what kind of training would be best for your canine partner, you must always consider your dog’s comfort with priority. You would not want your dog to go through behavioral issues like separation anxiety or fear-induced at an early stage of its life, by sending it to a foreign environment for board-and-train routines. Your dog may fear other dogs or shy by nature, which could get uncomfortable for the poor canine if you send it to a foreign training facility. Home training could keep your dog away from interacting with other puppies and socialize though, but ample opportunities to bond with you and other members of your household. Trained at home means your dog will have less stress to deal with and dedicate more focus to its training. In board-and-train facilities, proper shelter and sanitization for your dog could generally be a concern for you too. 

Control over Training Schedule

When you decide on the home training of your dog, you will always have complete control over the schedule of the training. You can call the trainer at your time of convenience and request the trainer for an extended training session if you want any correction training for your pet. You would not have to take the pain of rushing your dog every day to the training facility. If you feel someday your dog is not in the mood of taking lessons, your trainer just needs information for rescheduling. Home trainers are willing to attend to your dog on emergency calls too for some sudden behavioral issues when you need them. While selecting your dog trainer for home training, you are the one to ascertain their capability and experience, before an agreement. This may not be the case for a board-and-train program where the facility may engage part-timers at lower pay to attend your dog.

Customized Home Training could best suit your Dog

Apart from the convenience that seems, there are very few positively rewarding board-and-train facilities available for your dog. Sending your dog for board-and-train otherwise could cause many long-term fear-induced behavioral issues. Your intimate involvement through your dog’s training is of utmost essential as well for reinforcing what it learns. Home training allows your dog trainer to customize lessons for your dog as per your instructions or what looks necessary as per your pet’s personality. This eases the process of imparting training and helps your dog to learn things much quicker. The dog trainer can familiarise your dog with the actual environment around your home where it will be spending most of its time, and train accordingly. Home training reduces the time needed for you to learn the commands for your dog when you get involved through too and makes your dog more obedient towards you. 

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