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In most cases, what owners consider aggressive behavior is predominantly a dog that lacks obedience and structure in its life and will exhibit some reactivity towards various stimuli (ie other animals, people, sounds, or environments) in a way that appears aggressive, but is simply just nervous behavior.  However, there are the occasional cases where an animal is truly aggressive towards people or animals.  These cases are generally rare, but are serious.  Usually, in true cases of aggression, the sooner you can engage a professional trainer to correct the unwanted behaviors, the better.  Waiting to see if the behavior will go away on its own is not a solution when dealing with true aggression. 

We require an initial pet consultation for any type of behavior modification (including aggression, nervousness, fear, reactivity, etc) in a pet. 

In most cases of true canine aggression, a lifetime of management protocols are required in order to maintain balance with a pet exhibiting aggressive behaviors.  Because of this, there are no trainers out there able to 100% guarantee the results.  Due to the variability of this, we require an in-person consultation with the owner and the pet prior to outlining any potential training opportunity available.

All pets will benefit from training, but in general, the younger (or sooner) you start training your pet the easier it will be to modify unwanted behavior.  You will know if your dog needs training if it becomes distracted or reactive in new environments, loses focus when it should be obedient, shows any signs of aggression around people, places, or things, or does not show an interest to engage with you.

We prioritize the safety of dogs here at our facility extremely high.  We require proof of vaccinations for any dog that enters our facility, and will only allow pre-approved dogs into our group classes.  Dogs being brought to us for behavior modification must be brought on leash with a suitable, fitted collar.

We have crates suit any breed or size of dog while your dog is here.  We also have larger style kennel runs for dogs that require more space or special room.

Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old AND have been started on their puppy vaccinations with a certified veterinarian. 

Training results for behavior modification will vary from dog to dog, but in general, we see that most clients and their pets are achieving results in just a few months!

Behavior Modification Training

Behavior Modification training costs will vary depending on whether you’re attending basic obedience group classes, private coaching sessions, or enrolling in our Day Train program. 

It is not possible, or ethical, for any trainer to provide a guarantee on results; however, we do guarantee improvement based on the training program established with each client. 

We accept all major credit cards or Venmo as forms of payment.  Payment is due prior to services being rendered, unless otherwise agreed upon with Dog Works management.

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