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Service Dog training takes on a variety of forms because of the endless requirements for service tasks that need to be performed by a dog. 

Common examples of tasks that we train dogs to perform are object retrieval, food allergy detection, open/close doors, turn on/off lights or automatic door for entrance/exit, deep pressure therapy, block, walk next to wheelchair, and tactile stimulation among many more. 

The formula for success with a purpose trained service dog is equally training as well as dog selection.  The temperament, biddability, and stamina for specific work is essential for a dog to perform such specific tasks on verbal cue.  Dog Works has both the experience in training as well as selecting the proper dog for you! 

Generally, most pets do not qualify or have the right temperament and work ethic to perform as a reliable service dog.  As a result, we only provide training for pre-qualified dogs that we hand select for each specific client. 

Once a service dog is fully trained and handed off to the new owner, it is recommended to maintain the training through our Service Dog Maintenance program.  Each dog’s maintenance needs will vary and each client will be informed of the recommended maintenance schedule upon acquisition of your new service dog. 

We prioritize the safety of dogs here at our facility extremely high 

We require proof of vaccinations for any dog that enters our facility, and will only allow pre-approved dogs into our group classes. 

We have crates suit any breed or size of dog while your dog is here.  We also have larger style kennel runs for dogs that require more space or special room.

Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old AND have been started on their puppy vaccinations with a certified veterinarian. 

Training results for service work will vary from dog to dog, but in general, we see that most training is complete within 3-6 months.

Service training costs will vary depending on the list of tasks required of your dog to perform.  A quote will be available to you upon consultation with one of our trainers.

We guarantee the performance of the behavior to be to each clients’ satisfaction and requirements at the time of delivery.  No further guarantees are made unless otherwise agreed and approved by Dog Works in writing.

We accept all major credit cards or Venmo as forms of payment.  A fifty-percent deposit of the total cost of the dog (including training) is due in order to procure a dog and place it into our training program, with the remaining fifty-percent due at the time of delivery of the service dog.

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